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  • Report a report
    If you for any reason need to report a staff member for doing something bad. Please use the format below. Staff members can read this but they don't have permissions to modify/delete topics. If you feel uncomfortable reporting the staff member here in public, please message me or @elhavardo here on the forums about it.

    Note: When you report a staff member, please provide some proof.

    ***Report a staff***
    * **Your username:** < your username>
    * **Staff you are reporting:** <username of staff>
    * **Server:** <server>
    * **Reason:** <reason>
    * **Additional information/proof:** <any additional information>


    Report a staff

    • Your username: Phumix
    • Staff you are reporting: 1Gutter
    • Server: All
    • Reason: Threatening me
    • Additional information/proof: Look at server logs

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