Towny Server Incident

  • Towny Server Incident
    UPDATED ON 27.05.2020


    The last few days, we've had an incident with the database server that caused some issues for the Towny server. The database server crashed at some point while the server were running, and caused issues for the economy. This resulted in towns having $0 in their banks, so they all fell a part. Luckily, we had backups and we have now restored every town.

    There are three things you may notice on the Towny server:

    1. Towny was rolled back by 1 day, which means claimed blocks or new towns that were claimed or created after 23 May 12:17 PM CEST no longer exists. Which basically is a day.

    2. Signs, beds and redstone in every town were removed when the towns fell a part, this also includes chest signs. I am very sorry that this happened, I've therefore added signs and beds very cheap at /warp shop2

    3. Your town and nation no longer has an upkeep, this because we are still monitoring the issue and we do not want to take any risks before we know 100% it's solved.

    If you find out that someone stole something from your chests after the incident happened, please let me know and I'll check the logs for you. However the best you can do now is to secure your chests by putting a new sign.

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