Player Market Error - can't access Chests

  • Username: WTF_Reborn
    Server: Towny
    Additional information:

    In the PlayerMarket, when trying to access any of my chests (chestshop) in a plot I own, it gives me an error message "Not allowed to Switch in the wild".

    Also, when moving between the world and the player market world, you can't use /back, with an error from the essentials plugin.

  • I haven't heard anyone else having the same issue with PlayerMarket.
    Also, please provide a screenshot of the error you get on /back, I can't reproduce it.

  • @Martin Essentials back fun issue.jpg

    I used the command /warp pm. Then I used the command /back to take me back to my original location.

    Then I used /back to go from my location to the player market, and that's when it happened.

    Seems like the error occurs when trying to /back from main world to Player Market.

    Hope this helps.

    Pic for Proof of Error.

  • Oh, I know why it's disabled. We use that world for a few other things such MobArena and some upcoming stuff, basically if we allow /back in that world you can get back in MobArena and abuse. So that will probably remain disabled.
    Also, about that error with not being able to access chests. I tried to reproduce and I don't get same error as a regular player. Can you try again and see? Is there a chance you could have been somewhere else?

  • @Martin That makes sense. Maybe suppressing the error would be useful though, as everyone might report in future, and I'm sure that'd get annoying. This particular error (cannot switch in wild) has resolved itself. I can't reproduce it today. I was definately In my shop plot, attempting to put dirt into a box for selling.

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