Unmute Appeal

  • Unmute Appeal
    If you for some reason got muted on our servers or anywhere else, you may apply here by using the format below. We usually never mute our players permanent . So if you were muted for a few days or hours we highly recommend you to just wait til you get unmuted automaticly. However you are free to appeal.

    ***Unmute appeal***
    * **Your username:** <your username>
    * **Server/service** <where you are banned>
    * **Mute reason** <ban reason>
    * **Mute duration:** <provide ban duration>
    * **Why we should unmute you:** <reason>

    Unmute appeal

    • Your username: Phumix
    • Server/service Minecraft - Lobby
    • Mute reason Spamming
    • Mute duration: 3 days
    • Why we should unmute you: It was my cats fault, he stood on the keyboard and spammed the server.

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